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Tax Preparation

A licensed CPA to file your taxes.

Both Anthony & Cele are fully qualified CPA’s, and they can help you with your taxes. No matter how complicated, they can put your concerns at ease.

Serving Delaware County & Beyond 1,000’s of taxes filed over the years
Authorized e-filing through the IRS Trusted Accountants with great references

Call Anthony and Cele today to talk about your situation. They can offer helpful tax advice and strategies that have been specifically designed to save you money. It only takes one easy, no obligation phone call and you will see why so many other people have chosen Cappiali & Blumenthal to represent them.

One low price for State & Federal, starting at $195

Electronic filing for all tax documents

Email and and e-filing are the standard methods that your tax information is communicated when you hire Cappiali and Blumenthal. Their progressive approach to technology ensures a quick turnaround without any undue delays.

Tax Preparation Accountants that you can rely on.

Avoid an unwelcomed audit Focused on saving you money
Testimonials from happy customers Knowledge of the latest Tax Code